Saturday, February 13, 2016

Remains of 'extraordinary' Roman arcade found in Colchester

Ruins of the 120-metre-long Roman arcade - the largest of its kind in Britain - discovered in Colchester beneath land intended for new apartments 

An artist's impression of the frontal structure for the Temple of Claudius, named after the Emperor Claudius (inset) Photo: RMR Freelance Art/Archant/Alamy

The remains of Britain’s largest Roman covered walkway have been uncovered in one of the most spectacular archaeological finds in decades. 
The ruins of the 120-metre-long walkway, or arcade, were found in Colchester, beneath land intended for a new apartment block. 

Consisting of a covered walkway, enclosed by a line of arches on both sides, to provide shelter for pedestrians, it was built as the frontal structure for the Temple of Claudius, erected around 50 years earlier.  

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