Monday, June 17, 2013

Third season dig begins in Maryport

Archaeologists hope that Maryport will reveal more of its Roman secrets this summer. The third year of excavations at Camp Farm began this week, led by Newcastle University’s Professor Ian Haynes and site director Tony Wilmott.

Third season dig begins in Maryport
Excavations on site at Maryport set to resume again this summer
[Credit: Newcastle University]
The Temples Project is the start of a new phase in the five year excavation which will take the team back to an 1880 excavation where amateur archaeologist Joe Robinson discovered altars and two possible temples.

Professor Haynes said: “Photographs and other documents from the 1880s indicate that the antiquarian investigation only unearthed part of the site and much remains to be discovered.”

The excavation, funded by the Senhouse Roman Museum Trust, will continue until summer 2015.

Rachel Newman of the Senhouse Museum Trust said: “Any finds will be included in the museum’s collections.”

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