Friday, April 12, 2013

Terahertz scanner reveals hidden fresco at Louvre

Fresco (Trois hommes armes de lances) and terahertz scan

#A technique based on the same kind of technology used in airport scanners has revealed images beneath a fresco held at the Louvre museum in Paris.
Trois Hommes Armes de Lances was known to be a fresco forged by Giampetro Campana on a wall from Roman times.
The new research suggests that under that forgery lies a real Roman fresco.
The discovery was announced at the American Chemical Society meeting by Bianca Jackson of the University of Rochester in the US.
Terahertz waves are known for their ability to penetrate materials without damaging them, and have in recent years been added to the suite of tools used to examine items of cultural heritage.

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