Sunday, August 5, 2012

Roman dig reveals early Christian graves

Early Christian graves recently unearthed by archaeologists are to be the highlight of daily tours of Maryport Roman fort. 

Visitors to Senhouse Roman Museum, which is at the fort, will find out what happens during excavations.
They will also be able to see recently unearthed evidence of Christian graves during the daily tours until 14 August. 

A spokesman for the museum said the discovery of the graves was exciting and shed "new light" on the Dark Ages. 

Remnants from the grave include bone fragments, caps of tooth enamel, and a thumbnail-sized piece of textiles. 

Peter Greggains, of the Senhouse Museum Trust, said: "The Maryport site's importance as a unique and valuable resource capable of providing information about the remote past has been established beyond doubt, and we now have new light on the Dark Ages."

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